Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

(Maharashtra Chapter)

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) is a registered trust that was set up in 1982 by a handful of doctors and parents of a few insulin-dependent diabetic children. The objective of the foundation is to provide moral support to diabetic children and youth apart from catering to the physical, emotional, psychological, and medical needs of its members. JDF is a voluntary organization and has at the service of its members, diabetologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, diabetes educators, counselors, and dieticians who work on honorary basis while the administrative work is by and large handled by its members who serve voluntarily. The key JDF events are its annual summer (one-day) and winter (three-day) camps. The camps prove to be a classroom for practical training involving diabetes self-care skills and to encourage interaction between diabetics so that they can learn from each other’s experiences and establish enduring friendships. Apart from these camps, JDF also hosts a variety of extracurricular activities such as treks, cricket matches, health camps, and regular get-togethers.

Today, JDF’s activities are centered on:

JDF is helping its members lead fruitful lives. While some of the juvenile diabetics have become doctors, there are other members who have taken up jobs with corporates despite several rejections, others who have branched into business, classical danseuses, and a myriad of other professions and vocations; proving that their abilities are on par with just about anybody else, if not better.