Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

(Maharashtra Chapter)

Events at JDF

Over the last 30 years, JDF has periodically hosted a multitude of education-social events, fostering a sense of companionship and assurance among JDs, who may feel otherwise when left to cope with their emotions and social lives by themselves.

The highlight of JDF is its annual summer (one-day) and winter (three-day) camps. The day-long summer camp happens sometime in early June within Mumbai, complete with educational sessions, healthy meals, and activities for children. On the other hand, the winter camp is held in early December, and is a three-day long camp outside Mumbai (for the last eight years, in Lonavala). Over 200 juvenile diabetics from all over the country attend this camp every year. Over the three days of the camp, all JDs and their families are expected to attend well planned sessions, which are divided across three days, and cover topics ranging from insulin techniques, diet, and peer pressure, to marriage and traveling. These sessions are segregated according to different age groups, thereby covering almost every topic that governs a JD's life at different points of time. The camps prove to be a classroom for practical training involving diabetes self-care skills and to encourage interaction between diabetics so that they can learn from each other's experiences and establish enduring friendships.

Apart from these camps, JDF also hosts a variety of extra-curricular activities such as treks and cricket matches.

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