Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

(Maharashtra Chapter)


Bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds, no sugar. Do these words ring a bell?

How many times have we heard that diabetics have to tolerate bland, unexciting food, never again taste anything sweet, avoid all treats, sweets, and cakes, or survive on boring, tasteless foods?

Diabetic diet always carries the misconception of being sugar-free or boring food, and so, a diabetic diet may seem like a life sentence. However, it is not necessary that if you are suffering from diabetes, you need to follow a boring and restrictive lifestyle. In fact, a diabetic child is supposed to eat just as many calories as any non-diabetic child of the same age and gender. And that is why meal planning in your lifestyle can help you enjoy your life and also manage your sugar levels.

In this section, we have shared some appetizing recipes that can make everyday meals (from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to mid-meal snacks) exciting for you. These recipes also give the nutrition value that can keep the blood sugar in control.

What’s more, we encourage you to share recipes you have tried and tested at your home by clicking on Add New Recipe on the left. Your recipes will be verified by our in-house dietician … and then be posted on this website for everyone to try out your recipes in their homes as well.