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Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) is a registered trust that was set up in 1982 by Dr. Vijay Ajgaonkar and his team of doctors as well as parents of children with type 1 diabetes. Over the years the organization has grown manyfold and many new members have come and gone. But its objective of providing medical and mental support to families living with type 1 Diabetes remains unwavering. 

JDF is a voluntary organization and is at the service of its members. We have diabetologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists,
diabetes educators, counsellors, and dieticians who work on an honorary basis while the administrative work is by
and large handled by its members who serve voluntarily.



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I was in standard 10, a very studious and sincere student. I remember reading a chapter on diabetes then. While reading the chapter, I realized I was experiencing the same symptoms as written in that chapter on juvenile diabetes. I thought that “I too had diabetes.” I also read about its treatment, which is insulin injections as well as diet management, among other things. After getting my tests reports, my family doctor broke the news out to my parents that I have diabetes. My parents were in dilemma n wondered how they should tell that to their daughter. But I was very sure that I had been diagnosed with diabetes, and I had prepared myself mentally for it. I told my parents that I already knew about it and what I should do to manage it, which surprised everyone! I even gave the first insulin injection to myself! (Although as a child I was very afraid of them!).

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Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

The jdf family is a mixture of senior experienced doctors who are pioneers in their field, mental health professionals, nutritionists and people with type 1 diabetes who have now become doctors, diabetes educators, parents of kids with type 1 diabetes. It is one the few multidisciplinary teams for management of type 1 diabetes in India.

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