Who said juvenile diabetics cannot lead successful lives? Doctors, engineers, architects, cricketers, singers, homemakers, parents, travelers, cyclists…the list goes on… Read the success stories of juvenile diabetics within JDF as well as juvenile diabetic celebritites over the world.

Raj Thakkar

Raj Thakkar30 year old business professional, living with Type 1 Diabetes since he was 9 years old.

a business professional aged 30, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 9. Initially overwhelmed and uncertain, Raj found guidance and support through the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF). With their help, he learned to manage his diabetes, which eventually became an integral part of his healthy lifestyle. Raj embraced regular exercise and healthy eating habits, not only for himself but also to inspire his family.

After two decades, Raj has successfully balanced his business responsibilities while pursuing an active lifestyle. He participates in marathons, hits the gym regularly, and engages in various sports activities. Raj’s determination and the support from JDF empowered him to live a fulfilling life without limitations.
Beyond managing diabetes, JDF played a significant role in Raj’s personal life as well. It was within this community that he met his life partner, forming a loving and understanding bond. Together, they navigate the challenges of their shared condition, supporting and caring for each other beyond blood sugar management.
Raj’s journey exemplifies the power of acceptance, resilience, and education. From a confused child to a thriving entrepreneur, he demonstrates that with determination and support, it is possible to lead a successful life while managing type 1 diabetes.

Aakash Patel, 26 years old, Engineer

works as a tech consultant at Deloitte. He has been living with type 1 diabetes since September 2012 when he was diagnosed during his 11th grade preparations for the JEE exam.

Aakash’s life took a drastic turn when he slept for 36 hours straight and woke up in a hospital with ketoacidosis. People around him doubted his ability to pursue a career as an engineer, but within three months of his diagnosis, he attended his first winter camp at Lonavala. The camp provided him with a sense of belonging and the realization that he wasn’t alone in his journey. Witnessing others with diabetes achieve great things gave him hope for a normal future.


Despite the challenges, Aakash continued his preparations and gained admission to VJTI, one of Mumbai’s premier institutes. Through his involvement with JDF and the guidance of another T1D Karan Chawda, he discovered his passion for trekking. As he ventured into one-day hikes and range treks, he learned how to manage his blood sugar levels during physically demanding activities. Trekking became a transformative experience, opening his eyes to the beauty of the world and instilling in him a sense of independence as a person with diabetes.

Motivated by the words of Dr. Deepak Dalal at JDF, Aakash understood that managing his diabetes was not just about sugar control but about taking care of himself in all aspects of life. He embraced the journey and acknowledged that there would be bad days and weeks, but with the right support system, he could overcome any challenges.

After completing college, Aakash took on a job with Deloitte Consulting, requiring him to relocate to a new city. Adjusting to a new lifestyle and managing his diabetes independently presented its own set of challenges, but he gradually found his footing. Inspired by his love for adventure, he pursued scuba diving and obtained certification as an Open Diver.

The most recent chapter in Aakash’s journey was getting married in January. Opening up about his diabetes to his partner and in-laws was not easy, but through the support of Dr. Shachindra (from JDF) and his JDF community, they began to see beyond the label of “diabetic” and recognized him as a person first. Aakash emphasized the importance of showing others his capabilities and allowing them to understand diabetes as just one aspect of his life.

In closing, Aakash reflects on the wisdom he has gained along the way, understanding that life is not only about significant milestones but also about consistently getting the everyday things right. He has learned the importance of managing his diabetes while pursuing his dreams and building a fulfilling life with his partner.

As per Aakash, Life is not about the big moments (which we usually consider that we won’t be able to do as diabetics in our early journey and they sure do happen along the way) but its getting the everyday things right and consistently so (that’s the biggest learning he has seen in his management)


Riddhi Furia, a 42-year-old self-employed individual, with Type 1 diabetes for last 32 years.

She has been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of 9. Her journey began when she was diagnosed and introduced to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF) by dr. Ajgaonkar (aaba) and dr. Aspi Irani at Raheja hospital.

The support and connection Riddhi found through JDF brought immense relief to her parents. Meeting other parents and children facing similar challenges provided them with a sense of comfort and understanding.

Professionally, Riddhi pursued her passion for jewelry design. Throughout her career, she successfully managed numerous events. Currently, she focuses on managing her home and caring for her 12-year-old son, Veer.

Living with type 1 diabetes hasn’t deterred Riddhi from pursuing her dreams and responsibilities. She draws strength from her journey, finding inspiration in the support network provided by JDF and the unwavering understanding of her loved ones.

Riddhi Furia’s story is a proof of her resilience in navigating the challenges of type 1 diabetes while pursuing her career and embracing motherhood. With the support of organizations like JDF, she continues to thrive, proving that diabetes is not a barrier to success.


Mansi Raj Thakkar, 29 yr old advocate living with T1D since 20yrs.

Mansi Raj Thakkar was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 9. Determined to take charge of her own health, she learned to administer insulin herself while still in the hospital. Soon after, she became associated with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JDF), which changed her perspective on living a healthy life.

JDF provided Mansi with invaluable knowledge and support, helping her accept type 1 diabetes as a part of her life without hindering her aspirations. With this newfound confidence, she pursued her dreams and embarked on a successful career as an advocate. Mansi has worked with Zee Learn and currently leads the legal department of Birla schools.


Not allowing diabetes to limit her achievements, Mansi embraces an active lifestyle. She runs 10 km marathons, showcasing her dedication and physical fitness. Along her journey, Mansi found love and companionship in her life partner, who also lives with type 1 diabetes. They eagerly await the arrival of their child, highlighting the joyous journey of parenthood despite the challenges of managing diabetes.

Throughout her endeavors, JDF has been a consistent source of support for Mansi. The organization has provided her with resources, guidance, and a sense of community. Thanks to JDF’s unwavering support, Mansi has achieved personal milestones and built a loving family.

Mansi’s story is a testament to her resilience and the transformative power of acceptance. Despite the challenges of type 1 diabetes, she has built a successful career, pursued her passion for running, and formed a loving family. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others living with diabetes, demonstrating that with determination, acceptance, and support, one can lead a fulfilling life while managing this chronic condition.

Nikita Rane, a young engineer and mother of 1 with Type 1 Diabetes since 2005.

Nikita’s journey with type 1 diabetes began in April 2005, during her 10th grade. She experienced rapid weight loss and was admitted to the ICU after her sugar levels were found to be extremely high. It was then that she received the life-changing diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and was informed that she would need daily insulin for the rest of her life.

Within a couple of months, Nikita and her family discovered JDF (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation), which provided them with invaluable emotional and medical support. Dr. Aajgaonkar, in particular, became a source of confidence and guidance for her. Despite the challenges, Nikita’s parents made the decision to continue with their jobs, and she pursued her engineering studies without letting diabetes hinder her goals.


Throughout her journey, JDF and its supportive community constantly reminded Nikita of the importance of managing her blood sugar levels to achieve her ambitions. In her professional life, as an IT professional for the past 11 years, Nikita has been open about her health condition with her colleagues. Managing her diabetes at work has required experimentation and adjustments, but overall, it has been a positive experience.

One of Nikita’s significant achievements with diabetes has been her pregnancy. In September 2019, she delivered a baby girl after enjoying a fantastic journey throughout her pregnancy. With the help of continuous glucose monitoring and the knowledge gained from JDF doctors, she was able to maintain better control of her diabetes during the nine months. JDF played an integral role in supporting Nikita throughout this phase, providing guidance and assistance that she will be forever grateful for.

Beyond the medical help, JDF has become like a family to Nikita. She has connected with numerous kind-hearted individuals who have been there for her at every stage of her life. The support and sense of belonging she has found within the JDF community have been more than she could have asked for—a family that extends beyond blood relations.


Dr. Shachindra S Joshi, a 49-year-old homeopathic doctor, has been living with diabetes for 38 years.

Diagnosed at the age of 11, he bravely faced the challenges of managing his condition, including his fear of needles, and transformed his life.

As a child, Dr. Joshi had a sweet tooth and enjoyed indulging in treats like many kids his age. However, his diabetes diagnosis meant making significant changes. He had to confront his fear of needles, as multiple daily pricks became a part of his routine. Determined to live a fulfilling life, he quickly learned to overcome his fear and embrace the necessary discipline to manage his diabetes effectively.


Dr. Joshi’s resilience and positive mindset brought maturity beyond his years. His friends and teachers noticed his strength and provided invaluable support. Despite the limitations imposed by his condition, he continued to participate fully in school activities. Just months after his diagnosis, he embarked on a solo school trip, adapting his diet to manage his carbohydrate intake while savoring precious moments with friends.

Motivated by a passion to help others, Dr. Joshi decided to pursue a career in medicine. He discovered his calling in homeopathy, a holistic approach that considers the connection between the mind and body. Alongside his wife, also a homeopathic doctor, he established a successful practice in Mumbai, where they have been providing healing and support for over two decades.

Driven by their expertise and dedication, Dr. Joshi and his wife have authored eight books on homeopathy. Their contributions have gained recognition globally, with translations of their works in various languages, including Italian, German, Russian, and Japanese. These books serve as valuable guides for homeopathic practitioners worldwide.

Recognized for their knowledge and experience, Dr. Joshi and his wife have been invited to teach their methods internationally. Their teachings have positively influenced the practices of thousands of homeopaths across the globe. They have also represented homeopathy at the Science Museum in London, showcasing the effectiveness and relevance of their work.

In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Joshi has been actively engaged as a diabetes educator and motivator since 1997. Through his interactions with patients, he provides valuable insights, guidance, and support to help them manage their condition effectively and lead fulfilling lives.

Dr. Shachindra S Joshi’s remarkable journey exemplifies his unwavering determination and commitment to making a difference. Despite his fear of needles, he conquered his challenges and became a successful homeopathic doctor. His personal experience with diabetes, coupled with his compassionate nature, continues to inspire fellow practitioners and patients alike. Driven by his dedication to education and support, he positively impacts the lives of individuals living with diabetes every day.
His motto in life and my thought for young budding JD’s –
Be confident of your self
Be happy with your choices
Look forward to bigger goals
Achievers are givers
Happiness comes from what you give, not what you get!