Letter for Exam

Examiners and supervisors should be aware of requirements to manage your ward\'s type 1 diabetes throughout the duration of the exam to make sure that your child completed his or her exam successfully without any hindrance. This letter can be signed and submitted to the school/ college authorities as well as the exam supervisor for a smooth problem free exam time.

Travelling letter

Diabetes today is no longer a barrier in travelling, but staying prepared is key to an enjoyable trip! Here\'s an important document that you can keep with you at all times when travelling and especially for air travel. To make sure it is a valid document remember to have it signed by a doctor!


JDF guidelines to help everyone with type 1 diabetes and their families to course through self management of diabetes. These guidelines have been designed through experience of our members and have been collated from over 30 years of work in this field

Sugar Log sheet

Sugar Log sheet will help our doctor\'s to understand our sugar pattern and can able to adjust our dosage.